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Course Home MIS 101

1. Course No./Abbreviation: MIS 101

2. Course Title: Information Technology

3. Course Level: 1

4. Pre-requisite: None

5. Leading To: MIS 211

6. Credit Hours: 3

Course Highlights

The detailed lecture notes explain a wide range of information technology concepts. Students build a database, spreadsheet, and gain exposure to a range of software tools in the assignments.

Course Description

Information Technology MIS101 helps students understand technical concepts underlying current and future developments in information technology. There will be a special emphasis on computer hardware, computer software and networks. Students will also gain some hands-on exposure to powerful, high-level tools for making computers do amazing things, without the need for conventional programming languages. Since MIS101 is an introductory course, no knowledge of how computers work or are programmed is assumed.

Course Objectives: at the completion of this course, students will:

A. Know the basic concepts of Information Technology

B. Be aware of the importance of Information Technology in modern business

C. Know the computer components, hardware and software

D. Know the advanced concepts of spreadsheet

E. Practice the application of spreadsheet for data processing in real business

F. Practice the application of database in real business

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