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Final Exam Revision MIS 101 snd

For Written Exam:

Check out the detailed calender. In the subtopic field, focus on the subtopics where star "*" next to it.

For Practical Exam:

Web Design Blogger:

  1. How do I create a Blogger account?
  2. How do I edit my profile?
  3. How do I add my photo to my profile?
  4. How do I delete a blog?
  5. Can I change my Blog*Spot address?
  6. How can I let people email my posts to their friends?
  7. How do I create a title for my post?
  8. How do I change the name of my blog or its description?
  9. How do I change the number of posts displayed on my blog?
  10. How do I control who can view my blog?
  11. How can I use the new Blogger Layouts features?
  12. How to change the Fonts and Colors of template?
  13. How do I add a poll to my blog?
  14. How do I enable comments on my blog?
  15. How do I post via email?
  16. How do I make a link to another webpage?
  17. How do I post to my blog?
  18. How do I change/delete a blog post on one of my archive pages?
  19. What is the difference between 'draft' and 'publish'?
  20. How do I find an old post?
  21. What is Blog*Spot?
  22. How do I post a video to my blog?
  23. How do I post a video to my blog from YouTube?
  24. How do I post pictures?
  25. How do I delete a photo I have uploaded to my blog?
  26. How do I post audio/music to my blog?
  27. How to add hit counter (number of visits) to your blog?
  28. How to change the language of the whole blog settings?
  29. How can I use the Blog help?
  30. How to add slideshow to your blog?
  31. How to add picture to your blog in sidebar?
  32. How to add links to sidebar?

Microsoft Excel 2007:

  1. How to insert new row? Working with Rows and Columns
  2. How to insert new column? Working with Rows and Columns
  3. How to delete row and column? Working with Rows and Columns
  4. How to clear row and column? Working with Rows and Columns
  5. How to enter multiple lines of text withing a cell?
  6. How to adjust the height and width of a cell? Working with Rows and Columns
  7. How to work with conditional formt? Working with Conditional Formatting
  8. How to add functions? (Calculating with Functions)
  9. How to perform Sum function?
  10. How to perform Average function?
  11. How to perform Max function?
  12. How to perform Min function?
  13. How to perform Sin( ) function?
  14. How to perform fill command? Using the Fill Command
  15. How to sort data? Sorting Data
  16. How to protect the worksheet? Protecting Your Files and Worksheets
  17. How to protect the excel file? Protecting Your Files and Worksheets
  18. How to add header and footer? Adding Headers and Footers
  19. How to create chart? Adding Headers and Footers
  20. How to change chart type? Creating a Basic Chart
  21. How to change the data source of chart? Creating a Basic Chart
  22. How to apply chart layout? Creating a Basic Chart
  23. How to change the interval of chart value axis?Working with Chart Elements
  24. How to add chart title?Working with Chart Elements
  25. How to add axis titles for chart?Working with Chart Elements
  26. How to add data label for chart?Working with Chart Elements
  27. How to add gridlines for chart?Working with Chart Elements

Microsoft Access 2007
  1. How to create a new database?
  2. How to create table?
  3. In the table view, What is the differences between "Design view" and "Datasheet view"?
  4. How to add new field in a table?
  5. How to change the datatype of the fields?
  6. How to delete, rename a table?
  7. How to sort and filter record?
  8. How to create Query?
  9. How to create and design forms?
  10. In the forms, What are the differences between "Design view", "Form view" and "Layout view"?
  11. How to create Reports?
  12. How to print a report?
  13. How to create lookup column? (which display a list of values that you can choose from)?
  14. How to create lookup column in a table? (Relationships)


Microsoft Word 2007

  1. How to format: margins, orientation (portait, landscape), headers and footers, coverpage and page border?
  2. How to format Column? (single column, doubl and multiple column)
  3. How to format Paragraph? Paragraph Alignment, Indent Paragraphs, Borders and Shading, Apply Styles, Create Links, Spacing Betweline spacing
  4. How to format Font size and colors?
  5. How to add Numbered and bulleted list?
  6. How to insert Picture and objects?
  7. How to Create Table?


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